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As a natural, marine-plant based prebiotic, Tasco® is the premium feed ingredient developed by Acadian Seaplants.  

Acadian Seaplants Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of animal feed and nutritional feed supplements and products. Our organic feed supplements like our dried kelp meal have known health and performance benefits in both animals and aquaculture (shrimp, fish)Backed by over 20 years of research, Tasco®  byb   offers producers, formulators and pet food manufacturers a highly effective nutritional tool.  With its history of proven benefits, long, stable shelf life, and easy incorporation into any commercial feed application, Tasco®  byb  is the ideal, natural solution used to support the health and productivity of animals.

Tasco®  byb   is proven effective in all species and can be employed in a wide variety of feeding programs including production and show animals, pets and equine. It is minimally processed, sustainably produced, all-natural and organically certified.

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Environmentally Friendly

When you purchase Tasco®  byb  by Acadian Seaplants, it means you have made an environmentally and socially responsible choice. Acadian Seaplants' products are eco-friendly and eco-efficient, made with the commitment to improve energy efficiency and waste reduction at all stages of production. read more»

March 18, 2011 Acadian Seaplants Limited is preparing for Food Safety Modernization Act Implementation, Acadian Seaplants officials say our feed manufacturing processes will, for the most part, remain unaffected.

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