Our Unwavering Commitment

FOOD QUALITY, TRACEABILITY AND SAFETY are an important part of the Acadian Seaplants culture. Japan ranks as one the most demanding and discriminating food markets globally. Japanese consumers demand assurances that their food is both safe and of the highest quality possible. We set these rigorous standards as our minimum at the onset of developing our Hana Tsunomata® sea vegetables.

The success of our Hana Tsunomata® sea vegetables is a testament to Acadian Seaplants' unrelenting commitment to quality. The successful introduction of Hana Tsunomata® relied heavily on gaining the confidence of Japanese sea vegetable companies and consumers. We had already developed world-class expertise in cultivating pure and high quality seaweeds in our government licensed facility. Building upon this solid foundation we produced a top quality sea vegetable product for a food market with a long history of exacting standards.

Acadian Seaplants teams conducted extensive research to understand sea vegetable quality from the Japanese perspective. Our cultivation and quality experts traveled throughout Japan to assess sea vegetable and food processing equipment and facilities. Our dedicated staff was immersed into Japanese food culture, sanitation laws and quality assurance programs to garner the knowledge and experience required to provide exactly what the market would demand of our products and our company.

Acadian Seaplants established an extensive R&D program that led to the integrated state-of-the-art quality production processes used today. Our facilities now include unique proprietary cultivation and handling processes and equipment, as well as state of the art food industry separating and sorting equipment. Acadian Seaplants innovation at work again!

Batch traceability of our world-class Hana Tsunomata® is maintained through careful monitoring and recording of product information from the start of cultivation to the packaging of the final product, to shipping to our customers. Our food quality technicians prepare composite samples for each batch for testing, and storage retention library. Samples are subjected to a rigorous series of in-house testing. Accredited third party laboratories also provide ongoing additional analyses. Click here to learn more about our corporate commitment to quality.