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The Halifax Chronicle Herald; February 21, 2012; Front Page: "Acadian Seaplants to expand, Innovative company to double its capacity at Cornwallis Park plant" [1 page - 171k] (PDF)

Progress Magazine; Volume 18 No. 8 2012, "Entrepreneur of the year; J.P. Deveau" [1 page - 779k] (PDF)


Nova Scotia Open to the World Magazine; Summer 2011; "Natural Assets, In Nova Scotia, life sciences companies act locally and compete globally" [5 pages - 5MB] (PDF)


Engineering; Dalhousie University Faculty of Engineering; Spring 2010; Cover: Above and Beyond the Call, Engineering alumnus, J.P. Deveau volunteers as chair of the Halifax 2011 Canada Winter Games, "An Opportunity to Make a Difference" [2 pages - 2,484k] (PDF)

The Nova Scotia Business Journal; June 2010; National Environment Week, "Strengthen your environmental, economic performance" [2 pages - 2,403k] (PDF)

The Halifax Chamber of Commerce Magazine; June 2010; "There's give and take when you volunteer" [1 page - 1,032k] (PDF)

The Halifax Chronicle Herald Newspaper; August 30, 2010; Business: "Get up close, personal"; [1 page - 1,798k] (PDF)



The Halifax Chronicle Herald Newspaper; February 17, 2009; Business: "Seaplants growth spurt" [1 page - 1,977k] (PDF)

The Halifax Chronicle Herald Newspaper; April 7, 2009; Business: "Kudos for much success adding value to seaweed" [1 page - 1,745k] (PDF)

Atlantic Fisherman; October 2009; "Acadian Seaplants Limited: Global Focus Brings Local Prosperity" [1 page - 1,977k] (PDF)

Atlantic Business Magazine; Fall 2009; "In Conversation with Jean-Paul Deveau" [1 page - 786k] (PDF)


Nova Scotia Open to the World Magazine; Winter 2008; "Designer Seaweed" [3 pages - 4,018k] (PDF)

New Brunswick Telegraph Journal; December 13, 2008; "Benefitting from the leaders of industry Business: Nova Scotia panel created to assist government on economic conditions" [1 page - 800k] (PDF)


The Coast Guard; April 24, 2007; "Acadian Seaplants Expanding" [1 page - 1,287k] (PDF)

The Halifax Chronicle Herald Newspaper; October 19, 2007; Business: "Seaweed creates lush greenery at Acadian, Company reaps how it sows" [2 pages - 1,892k] (PDF)

Commerce Magazine; September 2007; Cover: "Acadian Seaplants Pioneers & Innovators" [4 pages - 5,774k] (PDF)

Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters Magazine; September/October 2007; "Innovation Insights Nova Scotia Mission to Bay of Fundy" [4 pages - 218k] (PDF)

Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters Magazine; September/October 2007; "Leading Innovators in Canadian Manufacturing" [5 pages - 149k] (PDF)

Port of Halifax Magazine; March 2007; "Portside Notes: "Export Profile: Acadian Seaplants blooms in foreign markets" [1 page - 899k] (PDF)


Progress Magazine, Research & Discovery; Vol. 2, No. 1 2006; "Sea Plants on Land - Acadian Seaplants and the Nova Scotia Agricultural College are working together to enhance the usefulness of seaweeds as a crop fertilizer" [1 page -999k] (PDF)


Nova Scotia Open to the World Magazine; Summer 2005; "A Changing Tide (Meet Nova Scotia companies that realize sustainable practices are good for the bottom line)." [4 pages - 752k] (PDF)


Financial Post Newspaper; June 18, 2004; "Entrepreneur" (Roynat Capital presents a series of business profiles celebrating the success of Canadian companies). [1 page - 649k] (PDF)

Progress Magazine; June 2004; Icons & Innovators (Creating Prosperity: Past, Present & Future); "The Innovator Louis Deveau" [3 pages - 376k] (PDF)


National Post Newspaper; December 18, 2002; "Canada's 50 Best, Success Stories Against All Odds" [1 page - 390k] (PDF)


Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters Magazine; January/February 2002; "CME 2001 Canadian Innovation Award Winner: Technology Category; Innovative Spirit" [2 pages - 1 MB] (PDF)


The Sunday Daily News; Money Supplement Newspaper; June, 2000; "Kespuwick Developments hits its goal - putting itself out of business. Job well done." [1 page - 425k] (PDF)


Nova Scotia Business Journal & the New Brunswick Business Journal; Opportunity 1998; February, 1998; "Marine biotechnology expanding industry's horizons" [1 page - 432k] (PDF)