Progressive Excellence at Acadian Seaplants

A Journey of Discovery and Renewal

NEW PEP LOGO Acadian Seaplants lives continuous improvement and in 2005, we embraced the Progressive Excellence Program (PEP). So what is PEP? In a nutshell, it is a continuous improvement program administered by Excellence Canada (formerly the National Quality Institute of Canada).  It involves a set of criteria that are divided into four levels with each level building on improvements achieved at the previous step. There is a common thread through each level, namely, the criteria always focus on the same six business "drivers of excellence", specifically Leadership, Planning, Processing, Employees, Customers, and Suppliers. The criteria are based on a summary of best practices from a variety of world-class organizations.

The program creates long-term, sustainable, and continuous improvement by promoting an inclusive approach in our day-to-day business. By encouraging employees from all levels of the company to become involved and see the value of their contributions, an engaged workforce is achieved.  In this way PEP fosters both professional and personal growth for our employees which helps sustain a rewarding work environment. PEP is the vehicle our company selected to help give employees from all areas of the company an opportunity to help enrich their work experience, thereby driving business excellence.

New PEP driver chartIn 2011, we obtained Level 2 certification on our Progressive Excellence journey.  Three years later, in 2014, we achieved Level 3 and an award for the highest distinction within that level!   We concluded the final leg of the 4-level program in 2016, obtaining the Canada Award of Excellence at the Gold Level. Stay tuned for future developments in progressive excellence.