Best-In-Class Performance

Staying Focused on Core Strengths

Unequaled in science, customer support, and delivering products with proven results, Acadian sets the benchmark in its commitment to the customer and the environment.

Acadian is Ascophyllum nodosum

  • Acadian Plant Science exclusively harvests Ascophyllum nodosum; the most researched marine plant species for use on land plants in the world. Acadian's Ascophyllum nodosum grows in extreme conditions and is harvested from the cold, clean North Atlantic. Acadian Products contain a complex array of active compounds and stress resistance properties that are imparted to your crop to boost growth.

Acadian is supported by global, scientific research

  • Acadian partners with the best private, university and government scientists worldwide to provide you with credible research and support. Years of dedicated research targeting specific crop issues around the world means one thing - Acadian provides science based solutions, not rhetoric.

Acadian guarantees quality

  • When you purchase an Acadian product, you can be confident you are purchasing quality. All Acadian products follow a tightly controlled process that includes frequent testing for product quality and consistency. Every aspect of the operation follows the strictest standards of excellence beginning with the initial harvest to manufacturing, packaging, delivery, technical customer support and traceability.

Acadian is good for your crop and the environment

  • At Acadian, we take pride in being a recognized leader in integrating environmental responsibility with the delivery of effective and sustainable seaweed products. Integral to this achievement is Acadian's full-time Ph.D. Marine Ecologist, who is responsible for evaluating harvest sustainability. Acadian's commitment to the environment has been recognized and is the recipient of several environmental stewardship awards. read more»

Acadian maximizes product efficacy

  • Acadian liberates the active compounds in what we believe to be the most uncompromised and active state possible through our exclusive, proprietary process. Research has confirmed that the active compound profiles of Acadian Products are unique when compared to every other seaweed-based product in the world; whether from Ascophyllum nodosum or any of the lesser-studied species found globally.

Acadian delivers expert customer support

  • Acadian employs internationally-renowned agronomic and horticultural scientists, marine science researchers, global consultants, and expert in-jurisdiction personnel. These vital professionals continually interface with field colleagues, market influencers, distributors, growers, producers, and the international research community to learn and share their technical know-how.

Acadian has organic options available

  • Acadian strives to meet the needs of all growers and as such, has many products that are compliant with organic standards worldwide, as set by the United States Department of Agriculture National Organic Program (NOP), and European Union Regulation 834/2007 and 889/2008. Major certifiers worldwide have deemed many Acadian products as compliant in organic agriculture including OMRI and BCS. These certifications are well recognized in the United States, Europe, Asia, Oceania, Latin America and globally. read more»

This combination of strengths, species, process technology, and expert customer support has resulted in Acadian Seaplants Limited being the supplier of choice for growers around the world.