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animals and people.

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A Message From Our Founders

Success Abroad – Innovation at Home

What can we build together? What can we create? It’s those two simple questions that have guided Acadian Seaplants from the start. Learn about the difference that Acadian Seaplants makes.

The building blocks of a better future.

Your customers want nothing but the best. Hardier and productive crops. Healthier and resilient animals. Invigorated and satisfying lives. With the right Acadian innovation, your premium products can deliver – and we’re here to help.



Abiotic stress threatens the performance, yields and profitability of crops worldwide. The nutrients and bioactive compounds found in our Acadian Plant Health™ products enable growers to cultivate resilient crops from the soil on up.



The wellbeing of every animal – from those in production environments to the family pet – depends on diets that cultivate a healthy GI tract. With our seaweed feed supplements, your products can enrich their diets with prebiotics and nutritional components that will keep them healthy for years to come.



Are you looking to add value to people’s lives? You need quality, sustainable and cost-effective products to win their trust and business. Using our Human Wellness products, you can improve the quality and longevity of your customers’ lives.

Conservation and commerce can coexist.

Well-managed renewable resources are a gift to the world. Only through deliberate oversight today can we preserve these natural resources for future generations. That’s why our people are dedicated to the study, management and protection of seaweeds and other marine life.

How can Acadian Seaplants help you?

We can find out together.


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