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Are you ready to use your passion to change the world? At Acadian Seaplants you’ll find you can make a difference in the health and wellbeing of plants, animals and people all over the planet. Here is what sets our global food chain company apart – and why you’ll love working at Acadian Seaplants.

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Global presence


There’s global significance in the work we do. With operations in 14 countries (and counting) and products that reach over 80, Acadian Seaplants makes a meaningful impact everywhere we go. By working with us, you can make a positive mark on the global sustainability of farmers, animal producers and people everywhere.



Our people are pioneers. We push the boundaries of scientific understanding. We explore real-world applications for the latest breakthroughs. And we establish practices that set the bar for corporate sustainability and conservation. Whether you’re making discoveries in our R&D labs or spearheading new manufacturing practices to make us more sustainable or efficient, you’ll be part of a team that’s building a better future.



We believe conservation and commerce can coexist. Across our organization, people take action to protect the environment, safeguard sustainability and embrace ecological practices in new and exciting ways. We collaborate with government agencies, local communities, research and academic partners to lessen the impact of economic growth on the planet. Join our team and you can help us make real progress fostering global sustainability.

Community partners


True success is not a solo voyage. We believe it’s important for the communities where we live and work to flourish right alongside us. We’ve built roads, invested in local harvesting infrastructure and enhanced coastal landing sites to help fortify local economies. Our people have also given freely of their time and talents to help those in need and support the places we call home. At Acadian Seaplants, there’s no shortage of ways you can give back.

Find your career path


Where do you fit at Acadian Seaplants? There’s an abundance of amazing opportunities all over the world for you to build your skills, career and livelihood. Let’s find the right fit for you.




Do you dream of spending your days working on the water? Does being your own boss sound like something you’d like to do ? We can help you realize your dream. Harvesters who work with Acadian Seaplants make their own hours running their own business with the support, training and guidance of a global enterprise behind them.



Our manufacturing teams play vital roles in maintaining the quality of our pure and pristine natural resources, earning a living in a safe and innovative production environment. We take your safety seriously and conduct regular internal, government and third-party audits. Plus, we provide opportunities for you to learn new skills, advance your career and work with incredible people. Your future awaits.

Resource Managers & Scientists


Do you love nature? Are you eager to take an active role in environmental sustainability and conservation? By working for us, you can make a difference in the natural world. You’ll team up with experts who are recognized worldwide for their scientific contributions and leading resource management practices.

Research & Development


Are you eager to make a significant impact on a global scale? Our world-class R&D teams explore the potential of new and exciting biotechnology on a daily basis. Working for Acadian Seaplants provides you with access to state-of-the-art equipment, partnerships with the best universities and research institutes around the globe and professionally rewarding work that provides real-world results.

Sales & Marketing


Isn’t it time you take pride in the brands you represent? At Acadian Seaplants, our sales and marketing teams have the opportunity to share premium products backed by peer-reviewed research with the world. You’ll have the opportunity to learn about sustainably-managed natural resources and innovative product solutions from our experts who are changing entire industries and societies with their work.



We’re a global leader thanks to the resourcefulness and hard work of people with a wide array of talents. In fact, the contributions of professionals in Finance, IT, Human Resources, Training, Safety, Service Excellence, Shipping Logistics, Office Administration and Communications keep us strong and sustainable. No matter your experience, there’s a good chance there’s a home for your career with Acadian Seaplants.

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We’re eager to help the next generation of innovators grow! Acadian Seaplants partners with some of the most prestigious universities worldwide to expand scientific frontiers and make a better world today. Reach out to our People and Culture Team if you want to learn more.

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