Quality Assurance

Keeping products exceptional from harvest to delivery.

How do you maintain the integrity of a pristine natural resource? By settling for nothing less than the exceptional.

Acadian Seaplants has staked our reputation on the quality of our products and full customer satisfaction from the very beginning. We intend to uphold that level of excellence as we grow, continuing to build a world-class quality assurance team and develop a rigorous Global Quality System (GQS) model that rivals industry and global standards.

Here is how we fulfill our commitment to singular quality and continuous improvement at every stage of our processes.

Careful management in coastal waters

Long before a single frond of seaweed is harvested, our quality assurance team has defined processes to select the finest raw materials while protecting the environment. Seaweed is harvested at the optimal time to permit the regional stock to regrow and flourish with only the highest quality organic material reaching our production facilities.


Our harvesting methods are virtuously unobtrusive to the lives of marine animals and decades of research shows that a negligible amount is caught as by-catch in our harvests. Almost 40 years of experience has allowed us to refine our Resource Management Plans, prioritizing a low impact and conservative approach to protect nature in these dynamic and cherished ecosystems.

Rigorous quality inspection

Our Harvesters are only the first of many experts to audit our raw materials for the finest quality. Once seaweed-laden boats and net bags reach local docks and wharfs, we conduct preliminary visual inspections to sift out organic material that fails to meet our specifications. Resources that pass the inspection are then transported to our GMP and HACCP-certified processing facilities.


Upon arrival, each load is tagged establishing traceability throughout the entire manufacturing process. Our quality assurance team reviews the organic material for cleanliness, as well as overall freshness. Regular audits are conducted throughout the entire manufacturing process, administering the appropriate quality standards depending on the final use and destination of our products. Until the moment our products are in transit to customers’ locations, we’re  painstakingly ensuring our promise of quality at every stage of processing.

Continuous improvement of global quality standards

We hold ourselves to a higher standard – no matter where we go. Our quality assurance team works to satisfy the requirements of regulatory organizations in all of the regions where we operate, and we strive to implement our first-class GQS structure on a global scale.


Working alongside governmental agencies and regulatory organizations, we identify opportunities to better align our products with customer expectations. And we embrace the lessons learned from our peers, global brands and Fortune 500s to create global manufacturing governance that minimizes risk and elevates safety across our processes. It’s what makes Acadian Seaplants a trustworthy name – no matter from where our products originate.


We also set the pace for quality innovation. Regular audits conducted by corporate leadership ensures that our facilities live up to the best-in-class benchmarks we’ve established to deliver unrivaled products to our global markets. Using our extensive knowledge of our natural resource and pioneering our own processes, we’ve created standards of sustainable quality assurance that are unique to Acadian Seaplants. Through continuous improvements in Quality Assurance automation, Good Laboratory Practices compliance and other exacting practices, we’ll continue to bring nothing but the best to our customers – today, tomorrow and well into the future.



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