Unparalleled quality from start to finish.

The best products – whether they’re crop inputs, animal feed, functional food, pharmaceuticals or consumer goods – are those that put excellence and quality first. Anything less can hurt a brand’s reputation.

Customers seek out a rich blend of nutrients and bioactive ingredients, which is only possible when the quality of those resources is preserved from the instant they’re harvested to the moment they’re consumed.

For many businesses worldwide, the only reliable source when it comes to quality is Acadian Seaplants. Here’s why.

A tradition of quality

A personal guarantee. In the early days, our Founder Louis Deveau made such a commitment to every customer, letting them know they’d receive nothing but top-quality products from Acadian Seaplants. As we grew from a modest family operation to a global name in the seaweed and food supply chain industry, we’ve taken that promise to heart. Acadian Seaplants has carried that promise of quality into our innovative manufacturing practices as we expanded to meet global demand.

Global operations

Even the most nutrient-rich natural resources rely on fast action to preserve their full potency. That’s why our six manufacturing facilities are strategically located close to our cultivation and harvesting sites throughout Atlantic Canada, Ireland and Scotland. As a result, the seaweed reaches our facilities quickly, ensuring the most valuable characteristics of our products for our customers worldwide.


We’ve even workshopped process automation and data-driven processes that not only provide the necessary infrastructure to support our research activities but have the potential to upgrade our worldwide operations.

A fine eye for quality

During every step of the manufacturing process, we verify the superior quality of our product. From the initial harvest to shipping, our seaweed is examined and evaluated for the standards of freshness our customers have come to expect. We use state-of-the-art quality production processes to ensure that all of our products are rigorously monitored and reviewed, bringing the best nutrient-rich seaweed products to the world. Plus, our continuous innovation empowers our people to always do their best work.

A commitment to safety

Our people are able to consistently do their best work because we take all of the necessary precautions to keep them safe and secure. Regular audits in our facilities worldwide inform us of opportunities to innovate and ensure that our workforce is protected by the foremost occupational health and safety programs. We train each of our team members how to operate sophisticated processing equipment and safely operate all official Acadian Seaplants vehicles. With our commitment to ongoing improvement, we’re always finding new ways to keep our workplaces safe for our employees.

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