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The importance of innovation is undeniable when you’re pioneering a whole new industry. Off-the-shelf seaweed processing equipment did not exist when we opened our doors and is still uncommon to this day. From our early days, we knew we would need to create the equipment, technologies, techniques and processes necessary to bring exceptional products, derived from nutrient-rich seaweed, to the world. And that we needed exceptional minds to do it.

That’s why we have hired innovative engineers and forward-thinkers from the very beginning. It’s their work that’s enabled us to always adapt to change and create equipment, processes and facilities that rival the world’s best. And through their innovation, they’ve helped us create products and a business that improves the lives of our customers, their end users and the planet.

Here’s a glimpse at the ways we encourage continuous engineering innovation every day within our organization:

Deveau Center Extraction Facility

Cornwallis, N.S. Canada

Though our Deveau Center Extraction Facility is concentrated on transforming raw Ascophyllum nodosum into liquid or dry soluble extract, we also use this Cornwallis plant to commercialize new innovations. At this location, our engineers spend their time troubleshooting and optimizing our processes, equipment and technologies.


We explore new ways to reduce our environmental footprint through the pursuit of zero-waste practices, accelerate our packaging and material handling, and elevate the consistency and quality of our products. If there’s a leading-edge Acadian processing practice, it’s likely it started here.

Craigie Research Center

Cornwallis, N.S. Canada

Our 30,000 square foot research facility does more than unlock the hidden potential of Ascophyllum nodosum – it serves as a testing ground for new and improved engineering innovation. Here we’ve designed and built custom seawater pasteurization equipment, water purification, low-pressure filtered air distribution systems and temperature-controlled water baths for precision seaweed cultivation.


We’ve even workshopped process automation and data-driven processes that not only provide the necessary infrastructure to support our research activities but have the potential to upgrade our worldwide operations.

Seaweed Cultivation and Food Processing

Charlesville, N.S. Canada

Our Charlesville facility boasts the largest land-based seaweed cultivation operation in the world, where domesticated seaweed is grown and processed for consumers worldwide. It’s through the dedication and resourcefulness of our engineering team that this agricultural breakthrough was even possible.

Over a ten-year period, they designed and refined a system of cultivation ponds, large-scale water distribution network, and LED lamps to foster controlled growth for a consistent product. That was only the beginning. Today, our engineers continue to identify new efficiencies and technological advancements, improving the quality and consistency of our food products on a regular basis.

Meal Processing Facilities

Yarmouth, N.S. Canada. Pennfield, N.B. Canada. Arramara, Ireland. Uist Asco, Scotland.

With the volume and variety of different seaweed species that come through our meal processing facilities, our engineers have worked hard to adapt to their unique processing requirements. They’ve modified equipment to improve the raw material handling at their specific sites and optimized quality assurance processes to ensure our customers receive consistent, top-quality products.

Plus, our engineering team always has the freedom to experiment with new sustainable measures, digital systems and automation processes to improve how we bring high-quality seaweed products to the world. It’s what keeps our business on the leading edge.

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