Human Wellness

Expanding the uses of seaweed in everyday life.

Science is catching up to the facts coastal communities have known for generations: that the natural properties of seaweed improve our quality of life in remarkable ways. Today, our peers in the scientific community and our own researchers are discovering untold ways that seaweed can enhance our daily lives.

From restauranteurs and nutritionists to cosmetic companies and pharmaceuticals, there’s an entire world of untapped potential in this incredible marine resource. With a sustainable harvest and the highest quality and safety standards, our premium seaweed can help you stay ahead of the next wave of innovation – now and for years to come.

Where does seaweed fit into your future? Discover how products using our seaweed can inspire your next sustainable innovation.

Looking to liven up food products and satisfy dietary restrictions?

Eager to improve lives from the inside out?

Conservation and commerce can coexist.

Discover how our dedication to science is pioneering new solutions and preserving natural resources.

We aim to make a difference in the world.

Find out about the vision, people and communities making that happen.

How can Acadian Seaplants benefit you?

We can find out together.


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