Who We Are

Greatness can come from modest beginnings.

We began as a family-owned seaweed company nestled in the heart of Atlantic Canada. Our vision, our passionate people and an incredible renewable resource carried us onto the global stage. Now, we offer sustainable, high-quality and research-based solutions in over 80 countries that satisfy the vital needs of plants, animals and people.

A science-first approach to everything we do.

If you want to do right by people and the planet, you need to take science seriously. That is the belief we’ve fostered across our entire business. We make continuous breakthroughs by exploring and analyzing the environment, our sustainable practices and the benefits of our research-proven products. By staying curious, we continue to strive for a better tomorrow.

Mindful work from start to finish.

We hold ourselves to a higher standard for our customers and communities. Every step of the way – from our eco-friendly harvesting practices to our innovative manufacturing and meticulous processing – our people are committed to bringing our customers proven products that can elevate the health and wellbeing of plants, animals and people.

Use your passion to build a sustainable world.

Our world is a gift and we want to ensure that the resources we use are available to all generations after us. To do that, we need the help of driven, resourceful and eco-conscious people like you in places all over the world. Join us and make a difference all over the globe.

Maximizing innovation to deliver exceptional quality.

Behind every premium brand is an efficient and streamlined manufacturing process. Acadian Seaplants is no exception. Our emphasis on continuous improvement through automation and technology innovation is elevating the quality of our products globally.

We are proud of our Canadian and European Production Facilities.

Cornwallis, Nova Scotia, Canada

Charlesville, Nova Scotia, Canada

Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada

Pennfield, New Brunswick, Canada

Arramara Teo, Kilkieran, Ireland

Uist Asco, North Uist, Scotland

Conservation and commerce can coexist.

See how our dedication to science is pioneering new solutions and preserving natural resources.

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At Acadian our science has a practical purpose.

See how all of our products are designed to create a more sustainable future.

How can Acadian Seaplants help you?

We can find out together.


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