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For almost forty years, Acadian Seaplants has embraced curiosity. As a result, we’ve helped to unlock the hidden capacity of natural seaweed resources, turning raw materials into world-changing biotechnology.

Our collaboration with experts in the field of agriculture, animal feed, cosmetics, nutraceutical, consumer product goods, brewery and numerous other industries has moved the global yardstick of innovation forward.

Want to learn more about our world-leading research and development? Here’s a glimpse at how we’re committed to a more sustainable future:

Our team of innovators

We take our science seriously. Over the years, we’ve developed a world-class team of researchers, respected for their passion, experience and perspective. As with all of our people, they’re eager to share their knowledge with the world.


Members of the Acadian Seaplants team present at international symposia, publish in peer-reviewed phycology and plant journals, present at global trade conferences and collaborate with scientific peers unveiling new knowledge and life-changing products. We’re all doing our part for a better tomorrow.

Leading-edge partnerships

Even businesses are only as good as the company they keep. That’s why we partner with some of the most prestigious research institutes, universities and government agencies around the world.


By combining our internal expertise on Ascophyllum nodosum seaweed and other natural resources with the complementary knowledge and resources of our partners, we have contributed to new breakthroughs. Our work is fulfilling knowing we have improved the lives of plants, animals and people worldwide.

Where does our curiosity take us?

Research for plants

Our researchers know how crops can thrive under ever-increasing abiotic stress conditions. Since the beginning, they have exhaustively explored the best applications and benefits of our products. Across the greenhouses, controlled-environment rooms and analytical laboratories of our research infrastructure, as well as thousands of global field trials, we’re pushing leading-edge research on biostimulant crop inputs.

Research for animals

The wellbeing of livestock and companion animals depends on their gut health. Our researchers have collaborated with international universities and government agencies to determine how our feed supplements physiologically benefit animals. As we continue to sponsor research into Ascophyllum nodosum and other natural resources, we’ll share those findings with clients and the world.

Research for people

Seaweed has untapped potential for human use. In our commercial seaweed cultivation and food processing facility (the largest of its kind on land), we dedicate ourselves to innovation. Whether it’s exploring the potential of growing different seaweed species on land, pioneering new energy efficient processes at our manufacturing site or finding exciting and novel uses for seaweeds in addressing human health – we’re constantly pushing the limits of science.

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