Hana Tsunomata®

Edible seaweed to liven up any dish.

Consumers rely on first impressions. The moment people lay their eyes on a dish in a restaurant or a food product on the grocery shelf, they make snap judgements about whether they want to eat it. Food that appears appetizing at a first glance, promising satisfaction with mere presentation, will encourage them to consider buying what you’re selling.

Once consumers are captivated, food and beverage brands and restauranteurs need to ensure that their vivid food products fit the budget, dietary restrictions and eco-consciousness of their target customer. Our Hana Tsunomata® fits those needs.

One-of-a-Kind Sea Vegetables

People eat first with their eyes, and our premium quality seaweed is bound to capture their attention. Hana Tsunomata® is a multi-colored edible seaweed that draws the eye with a bouquet of pink, yellow and green colors. Each piece of seaweed pops off the plate or package, whetting your customers’ appetites.


Originally from a strain of Chondrus crispus seaweed found in the pristine North Atlantic waters, our Hana Tsunomata® is cultivated on land to help us create a reliable supply for your customers. Our cultivation techniques mimic the favorable, nutrient-enriching conditions of the wild while creating the consistency of size, color and texture our customers value.


Low in calories. Rich in iron, magnesium and fiber. Gluten-free. Certified vegan, Kosher and Halal. Hana Tsunomata® is the perfect addition to your meal or product.

Bringing You the Best of the Best

Our customers expect the highest food quality and consistency from their food products, and we have dedicated ourselves to live up to discerning global markets. Our Acadian Seaplants team has developed state-of-the-art cultivation and production processes that are unrelenting in their commitment to quality.


Our exceptional stock of Chondrus crispus seaweed begins to grow under controlled conditions. We cultivate juvenile seaplants in indoor tanks, moving them to covered greenhouses and outdoor tanks as they flourish. We harvest the crops at their peak size and desired characteristics, harvesting only the purest, most colorful and highest quality crops for our food products.


Once harvested, we gently wash the Pink (Aka), Green (Midori) and Yellow (Kiku) Hana Tsunomata® sea vegetables. No colors or dyes are added to the product – only our pigment extraction process brings out the rich colors you see on your plate.


To enable long shelf-lives for our products, we use a custom-designed, low-temperature dehydration process. This gentle drying method reduces the moisture content while preserving the shape, color, texture and nutritional value of each plant. Hana Tsunomata® is then separated, sorted and packaged using sophisticated systems that maintain cleanliness and ensure only the best of the best is delivered to our customers.

How to Use Hana Tsunomata®

When you open your package of Hana Tsunomata®, it’s minutes away from serving. All you need to do is rehydrate the seaplants in room temperature water for four to eight minutes, depending on the desired texture, and the fronds will expand and increase in volume. Then, it’s ready to eat. Hana Tsunomata® is perfect for salads, noodles, pasta dishes or anything that needs a touch of lively color.

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