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In-House Quality Assurance Lab

Acadian Seaplants Limited Expands In-House Quality Assurance Lab to Enhance Customer Service

by Acadian Seaplants Limited on April 25, 2022 in News

HALIFAX, Nova Scotia – Acadian Seaplants Limited, a fully-integrated bio-tech manufacturer of premium seaweed products for plants, animals, and people, is proud to announce the completion of its microbial testing laboratory at their Deveau Center Extraction Facility in Cornwallis, Nova Scotia. Investing to bring this crucial quality assurance process in-house enables them to take their customer service to the next level and maintain exceptional quality across all their seaweed processing facilities.

The addition of on-site microbial testing methods will allow Acadian Seaplants to sample batches, incubate products, and confirm results within seven days, cutting the turnaround time in half and enabling faster throughput and shipping to customers.

“Our former global director of QA had a vision of bringing all external testing in-house and now we are starting to realize that plan,” said Craig Landsburg, Quality Assurance Manager at Acadian Seaplants’ Deveau Center in Cornwallis, Nova Scotia. “These new processes, after passing validation and verification testing at Cornwallis, will be implemented at Acadian’s other processing facilities.”

Acadian Seaplants is building a risk-based environment monitoring program across all sites that is compliant with upcoming regulations and standards involving CFIA, SQF, and FEMAS. Over time, these processes will mirror and build upon Acadian Seaplants’ automation with a human touch and continuous process improvements that are cornerstones of this international organization’s quality assurance.

For 40 years, Acadian’s global reputation for manufacturing the highest quality products available is assured with their latest strategy. This will enhance Acadian’s brand by proudly providing best-in-class products.

Nita Grewal, the new Sr. Director, Global Quality & Food Safety Systems at Acadian Seaplants, will lead this transition in Cornwallis and throughout the organization. Her 25-year track record in food and drink manufacturing and 14 years of experience with Heinz Kraft will help Acadian Seaplants continue to exceed the quality, food safety, and regulatory standards required by agricultural, horticultural, and food markets in the more than 80 countries it serves.

“Not only will we be building industry-leading operational governance,” said Grewal, “but by collaborating and embedding quality management processes across all global business divisions and partners, we’ll ensure optimized efficiency, food safety and the highest quality standard products are delivered to our customers.”

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