Research at Acadian Seaplants

A Technically-driven Enterprise

Acadian Seaplants Limited (ASL) is a leading marine biotechnology company with its success firmly rooted in the high calibre of its dedicated technical staff and in key collaborations with important technical partners. The research and development it has produced continues to be applied to product improvement and new product development.

Marine Plant Innovation Leaders

For over thirty years, Acadian Seaplants has been producing world leading marine plant research. It has synergistically extended its internal technical capacity by working with leaders in marine science, plant biotechnology and physiology on a local, regional, national and global scale.

We have been particularly successful in presenting aspects of our science-based work in the international arena of peer review. This includes a number of presentations at international symposia, particularly the International Seaweed Symposium, as well as respected peer-reviewed phycology and plant journals. In fact, some of our co-authored papers have received the prestige of appearing on the front cover of these journals.

Technical Support for Customers

Our science focus ensures that we support all of our products to the highest standards, which adds value in terms of customer experience when using our products. Through our Technical Team Services, we make our technically-superior information and expertise available to our customers – an important feature of our commitment to customer support.

Seaweed Resource Science

Acadian Seaplants has a world-class raw materials management program. This is a rigorously designed and implemented seaweed resource management program that ensures the responsible use and stewardship of the raw materials. Acadian Seaplants has even designed a harvesting tool for the manual and sustainable harvesting of the resource. This ensures the re-growth of the harvested marine plants and enables targeted harvesting of the desired marine plant species.

The company is proud of the environmental awards it has received. The resource management policy developed by Acadian Seaplants is the envy of a number of other countries seeking to implement sustainable management practices for their indigenous seaweed resources.

Our company has amassed decades of resource data and has an extensive ecology database that it shares with local government departments responsible for environmental monitoring of the marine environment. The company works collaboratively with government and private sector researchers to augment its knowledge of the resource and shares it with other countries embarking upon their sustainable seaweed resource journey. The work we do on monitoring the standing stocks and harvesting activity is routinely presented to government and our research is peer reviewed for international meetings and for publication in leading scientific journals. read more»

Product and Processing Research & Development

Acadian Seaplants produces a superior range of marine plant extracts from its raw material source, Ascophyllum nodosum. Processing R&D ensures consistency and optimal bioactivity of the extracts. The company consistently invests in continual improvements to advance its energy efficiency and environmental sustainability directives. read more»

Products for Plants Research

This is the company's largest division for R&D activities. First and foremost, we test the consistency and verifiable biological activities of the products manufactured by the company. This work is carried out in-house using scientifically well-defined and repeatable bioassays. The company has invested heavily and has developed a world-class science team. Other strategic investments also include research infrastructure such as greenhouses, controlled environment rooms and analytical laboratories.

Our Plant Science Technical Services provide support to our valued customers to assist with understanding the best applications and benefits of our products, clearly demonstrating the positive return on investment.

Technical Services personnel at Acadian Seaplants maintain that all seaweed extracts are different, since they are derived from different raw materials and different extraction processes. Our research personnel have studied the company's products exhaustively and have clearly established the product benefits in a virtuous and demonstrable manner.

Where appropriate, Acadian Seaplants works with local, national, and international universities and government research institutions to better understand the benefits of using our marine plant extracts on crops. We have a policy of publishing our leading-edge research on our extract products in a number of peer-reviewed science journals. A list is available and selected reprints may be obtained upon request.

Products for Animal Research

Acadian Seaplants has worked with a number of international university and government agriculture departments to verify the physiological benefits of its feed products. We have published and continue to sponsor further research on the mode of action of our animal feed supplements.

Products for People Research

Acadian Seaplants has the largest on-land commercial cultivation and food processing facility for the production of edible sea vegetables in the world. The company is proud of its innovative activities, from the selection of proprietary new key algal species for domestication to be grown on land, to the energy efficient operation of a vast and unique mariculture site. The operation of this site is truly sustainable; all materials begin from a proprietary seedstock, there is a high level of traceability, biosecurity and security of supply.