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Notice: Recruitment Scam

by Acadian Seaplants Limited on August 8, 2023 in News

We have recently become aware that individuals not associated with Acadian Plant Health or Acadian Seaplants have fraudulently used our name and our branding to solicit applications for fake jobs, to conduct fake job interviews and to make fake job offers.

Please know that we will never require an applicant to provide credit card or banking information to cover any supposed advance costs. We will also never reach out to offer jobs using WhatsApp or other messaging platforms, and any communication will be done via our official company email (, or an authorized, reputable recruitment agency. If you suspect you have provided personal information in connection with a fake job, we suggest that you report the incident immediately and take appropriate action. We urge you to be careful when sharing your personal information and to be aware of scams involving fake job postings and job offers.

If you suspect a posting or a recruiter may not be legitimate, you can verify its validity by contacting us on any of our official social media profiles, or sending us an email at