Helping All Good Things Grow Better

Acadian Plant Science is committed to delivering premium seaweed extracts, derived from Ascophyllum nodosum, that are proven to help you succeed. Our plant and crop inputs are designed to enhance agricultural and horticultural crop productivity, plant vigor, plant nutrition, and crop fertility. Innovative crop research efforts focus on providing you with the most scientifically proven, field tested, environmentally sustainable seaweed choice.

Acadian Plant Science is focused entirely on understanding and addressing the growing needs of those who produce healthy, productive plants. For more information on Acadian’s seaweed-based fertilizers and crop biostimulants. Read more»

Direct Plant Applications

Acadian's products have been field and greenhouse tested for a quarter century on over 80 different crops worldwide. Such depth of testing has proven two things above all.


ASL Technical Ingredients for Formulation Use are comprised of Active Compounds designed to synergize with other materials in your custom products - immediately setting them apart from others on the market.


Nurturing healthy soil requires equilibrium between economics and agricultural management practices to improve the soil's physical, biological, and chemical characteristics. Successful growers achieve this balance by using natural soil additives such as Acadian Seaplants Kelp Meal.