Fortify the Science of Your Products

Harvest the Power of the Sea

ASL Technical Ingredients for Formulation Use are comprised of Active Compounds designed to synergize with other materials in your custom products - immediately setting them apart from others on the market.

ASL™ Technical Ingredients are extremely versatile, consistent, and compatible making them an integral addition to the science of your products.

Active Compounds in ASL™ Technical Ingredients synergize with your products to:

  • Improve uptake of soil-applied materials
  • Improve plant resistance to biotic and abiotic stresses making your crop protection or nutritional products more effective.
  • Help plants tolerate stresses imposed by certain product inputs

Additionally, ASL™ Technical Ingredients have:

  • Complexing characteristics to enhance the effectiveness and uptake of other product materials
  • Carbohydrates that encourage healthy environments for microbes; this expands the effectiveness of your other product inputs

ASL™ Technical Ingredients are the premier source for active compounds derived from seaweed as used in agricultural and other plant science formulations. Each Active Compound is extracted from the most researched marine plant species for use on land plants in the world - Ascophyllum nodosum.

Only ASL™Technical Ingredients deliver the performance your customers must have with the ease and convenience you need. They formulate easily, are 100% water soluble and can be used in almost all application methods. The natural brown appearance provides a coloring factor to other product inputs and may serve as an organic spray pattern indicator. ASL™ Technical Ingredients have a number of Organic certification options, are completely non-toxic and present no chemical odour. Many find the marine plant aroma a pleasing augmentation of their products' presentation.

ASL™ Technical Ingredients have a long history of product performance enhancement and are backed by a technical team with decades of experience in collaborative product development.

All ASL™ Technical Ingredients follow rigidly enforced process controls and industry-leading quality assurance protocols to ensure the highest standards of quality, consistency and bioactivity.

Performance, results, quality and consistency: A formula you can depend on.