Acadian Soil Solutions

The Natural Soil Remedy

Nurturing healthy soil requires equilibrium between economics and agricultural management practices to improve the soil's physical, biological, and chemical characteristics. Today's successful growers can achieve this balance by using the natural soil additives of Acadian Kelp Meal.

Managing the fertility of agricultural soils is a common challenge facing growers throughout the world. In many areas, intensive farming practices have reduced once rich and productive agricultural land into soil with poor physical structure and nutritional deficiencies. Low fertility levels in depleted soils have limited potential for producing quality crops, yet the causes of such problems are often difficult to diagnose and overcome.

Acadian Kelp Meal...

  • contains a wide range of naturally occurring plant nutrients and trace minerals essential to plant growth, health, and productivity;
  • features naturally-occurring trace minerals that are naturally chelated;
  • is more readily available for plant uptake than minerals supplied in inorganic form;
  • acts as a nutritional supplement which releases its nutrients as it breaks down;
  • is an excellent source of organic matter composed primarily of carbohydrates such as alginic acid and mannitol; and
  • contains alginic acid and mannitol which also act as effective chelating agents for micro-nutrients and contribute to building soil structure.

How Does Acadian Kelp Meal For Soil Application Work?

The organic matter and soil conditioning properties in Acadian Kelp Meal are important in maintaining fertility and productivity of agricultural soils. Organic matter in the soil, and associated soil microflora, bacteria, and fungi, play an important role in soil fertility by making nutrients available for plant uptake.

Acadian Kelp Meal acts as a soil conditioner by stimulating microbial activity, a process often disrupted by modern agricultural practices. The minerals released and humus colloids formed during the decomposition of Kelp Meal, result in the aggregation of soil particles and the retention of nutrients which might otherwise be leached from the soil.

Good soil structure provides improved aeration, water holding capacity and soil fertility, and makes soils less prone to erosion and erosive forces.