Where East Meets West and Modern Meets Tradition

Hana Tsunomata® is a line of premium quality, cultivated sea vegetables that offers a unique, contemporary feature to every dish. This multi-colored trio of sea vegetables is available in pink, yellow and green. Orginally developed by Acadian Seaplants for the discerning Japanese cultinary market, the noble beauty of Hana Tsunomata® is now available in North America. 

The majority of sea vegetables consumed today are wild harvested, a method that can limit supplies and quality control.

Supplied by the pristine waters of the North Atlantic Ocean, the land-based cultivation of Hana Tsunomata® offers a product that is highly consistent and exceptional in quality.

How to Use Hana Tsunomata®

To bloom, simply rehydrate Hana Tsunomata® in room temperature water for approximately eight minutes. The fronds will expand quickly and increase in volume. Hana Tsunomata® works best in preparations where its visual and textural elements are highlighted. Salads, cold noodles or pasta dishes marry well with Hana Tsunomata®

If using Hana Tsunomata® in a warm dish, it is best added immediately before serving to maintain color and structure of the fronds.

Hana Tsunomata® has a mild taste and easily takes on the flavours of the dish. Test it at different points during reconsistution for varying textures to suit every dish.

To maximize colour and texture, Hana Tsunomata® is gently dehydrated to ensure its distinctive qualities are retained. To maintain these properties, we suggest storing the product in a sealed container away from direct light and moisture. Use the product within one year of opening.

Who is Hana Tsunomata® for?

Everyone! Nutritionally similar to other seaweeds, Hana Tsunomata® is low in calories and an excellent source of iron, magnesium and fibre.

Hana Tsunomata® is gluten-free and is produced in a facility free of eggs, dairy, nuts, sesame and soy. Vegan, Kosher and Halal certified, Hana Tsunomata® is suitable in vegetarian and vegan dishes, and can also be used in macrobiotic diets.

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