Specialty SeaPlant Cultivation

Unique, Secure and Traceable

Acadian Seaplants is the global leader in specialty seaplants cultivation technology. We operate the largest land-based, commercial macro-algae cultivation facility in the world.

We cultivate unique, pure and clean seaweeds for nutritional, health, cosmetic, and other exacting applications.

Our operation provides the highest level of biomass control, supply security and traceability for customers, beginning with the selection and domestication of wild ocean strains, to commercial biomass cultivation to final processing and packaging.

The Many Advantages of Our Cultivation System

Our seaplant cultivation technologies and services offer many unique advantages for companies with exacting product standards, such as:

  • Tightly controlled culture conditions.
  • The ability to customize and enhance specific desired characteristics of the seaplants through cultivation, including physical appearance and functional compounds.
  • Land-based tank systems fed with cold, clean and pristine seawater that is ultra-filtered as an extra precaution.
  • Fully traceable from seedstock to final packaging.
  • Environmentally friendly and sustainable, closed ecosystem.
  • Adaptable to a wide variety of seaweed species.

Acadian Seaplants Sets the Global Industry Standard for Seaweed Quality and Reliability

Our leading-edge technologies, systems, and standards ensure our cultivated seaweed biomass meets the highest quality criteria for marine plants in the world.
Acadian Seaplants pioneered the commercial cultivation of seaweeds using land-based tank technology almost 40 years ago. This was accomplished with the participation of leading scientists from the National Research Council of Canada, Institute for Marine Biosciences.

Proven Traceability Management

Our highly-controlled management systems ensure the safety and traceability of each marine plant product, from the first stages of the growth cycle through to customer specified processing and packaging.

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