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Acadian's Plant Science Team Delivers

As agriculture and horticulture industries become increasingly complex, Acadian's Plant Science Team is committed to delivering products proven to help you succeed. Our efforts focus on providing you the confidence in knowing you've made the scientifically proven, environmentally responsible choice.

Acadian Plant Science is focused on understanding and addressing grower needs to ensure the production of healthy, productive plants.

We are responsible for the research, development, marketing, and sale of plant and crop input products including natural biostimulants, fertilizers, and soil amendments for global agricultural and horticultural markets, as well as technical ingredients for use by discerning proprietary product producers.

Our Team

Acadian's products are preferred around the globe because of our commitment to realizing and addressing the needs of growers and those who supply them. We are proud of the world-class team who are responsible for arming customers with the solutions they need to grow their business.

Our Teams have many years of field, academic and industry experience. This depth of experience and knowledge results in unrivalled understanding of grower needs and an unparalleled ability to provide science-based solutions.

Beyond the performance and quality of our products, scientific understanding through research is the backbone of Acadian Plant Science. The company has combed the world to assemble its expert scientific and commercialization team. Given the highly technical nature of the research conducted, Acadian employs internationally-renowned agronomic and horticultural scientists, marine science researchers, global consultants and expert in-jurisdiction personnel. These vital professionals continually interface with field colleagues, market influencers, distributors, growers, producers, and the international research community to learn and share their technical know-how.

Research and Development

All Acadian Plant Science products are derived from active compounds found in Ascophyllum nodosum – the most researched species for use on land plants in the world. Acadian Seaplants Limited is wholly invested in further research and discovery of the emerging benefits of these active compounds.

Acadian's commitment to developing and delivering product-based solutions with proven results is reaffirmed in the company's Dr. James S. Craigie Research and Development Center. This 30,000 square foot center features modern laboratories, controlled environment chambers, greenhouses, bioassay facilities and outdoor grow operations.

The Craigie Center allows Acadian's Scientists and collaborators to conduct extensive research using innovative technology and methods to better replicate field conditions and understand crop stress benefits and ultimately improve plant performance.

In addition to the company's own complement of technical professionals, Acadian Plant Science partners with the best institutional, academic, private sector, and government researchers in Nova Scotia, Canada and around the world to provide customers with independent research and support. In doing so, Acadian Plant Science has acquired a unique understanding of active compounds and how best to use Acadian Products for maximum benefit. read more»

Production and Quality

Acadian's Plant Science production facility is a one-of-a-kind operation. Years of research, development, and engineering have gone into the design and implementation of a highly efficient and effective proprietary process that exists nowhere else in the world.

The combination of strengths, Ascophyllum nodosum and Acadian's unique, proprietary process technologies liberate the active compounds in their most uncompromised and active state possible.

Exhaustive research has confirmed that the active compound profiles of Acadian Products are unique when compared to every other seaweed-based product in the world; whether from Ascophyllum nodosum or any of the lesser-studied species found globally.

Similar research also confirms the consistency of Acadian Products. Extensive study and a comprehensive quality assurance program are continuously proving that Acadian Products have exemplary levels of consistency across numerous parameters, including active compound profiles.

These two critical attributes of Acadian Products, Active Compound Profiles that are both unique and consistent, are directly related to the combination of species and process innovation.

Creating knowledge where none existed before requires a large measure of ingenuity, determination and vision; all areas where Acadian Production and Quality Assurance Teams excel. read more»